Olaplex - the choice of celebrities

When Kim Kardashian dramatically changed her hair colour some months ago, going from darkest black to a true blonde, the gossip pages were full of the news.

It wasn't all about the colour though - speculation was rife about the effect such drastic lightening would have on the health of her hair.

Then she revealed her secret - Olaplex. This incredible product doesn't just protect the hair during the colour lightening process, it repairs any damage that's already occurred.

Olaplex No 1 Bond Multiplier nd No 2 Bond Perfector are used in salon to rebuild the strength and structure of the hair. The results are incredible.

Clients can continue the good work at home with Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector, a ten-minute treatment that can be used as often as necessary to maintain strong and healthy hair in between salon appointments.

We don't use the term 'miracle product' lightly - but this really is!