Russian lashes - the ultimate in glamour and volume

Before (above & bottom left) and after (below & bottom right).

Russian lashes - also known as the Russian Layering Technique or 3D-6D lashes - are the answer if you want maximum, natural-looking volume and a high-glamour look.

This multi-lash technique involves applying several ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural eyelash.

Because the synthetic lashes are so light and fine, it means more can be used - but you should still be unaware of them once they're in place.

This technique is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and the USA​ - if you want your lashes to really make an impact, this could be for you!

The Russian lash technique can be more time-consuming than classic eyelash extensions so please allow plenty of time for your appointment.


Our technicians are always happy to advise and answer any questions you may have about the process.